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14 of the most haunted places in Bristol

From phantom hounds and headless horsemen to cloaked monks and pesky poltergeists, Bristol is said to be home to a host of haunted places in England – with 14 making this most harrowing hot list.

Bristol’s pesky poltergeists, bumps in the night, headless horsemen and murdered managers are just some of the spooky encounters making SoBristol’s harrowing most haunted hot list. Visit all 14 if you dare…

1. Odeon Cinema

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In 1947, The Odeon Cinema’s manager, Robert Parrington Jackson, was shot dead in his office in what is thought to have been a botched robbery, although officially the case remains unsolved.

Since his mysterious murder, there have been reports of unexplained banging, footsteps, cold spots and ghostly apparitions of Robert, while it is said that screen three is where most of the odd activity takes place.

2. All Saints Church

All Saints Church is rumoured to be the home of a secret hidden treasure, guarded by a harmless black-cloaked monk from the spirit world.

Thought to have been haunted by the monk since the 16th century, several frightened vicars have claimed to have seen the ghost, who was said to on occasion beckon to them before vanishing again into a brick wall.

3. Arnos Manor Hotel

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Built in 1760, this 18th century gothic mansion is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a nun who committed suicide in one of the rooms, following the shame of falling pregnant.

Since then, the hotel has earned a reputation of being haunted, with hotel guests claiming they have witnessed unusual activity, such as being pinned down by an unknown force, seeing figures walking up invisible stairs, bathtubs filling with hot water on their own accords, and toiletries being thrown in the air.

4. Arnos Vale Cemetery

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The 45-acre cemetery is a resting place for more than 300,000 people, from much-loved Bristolians to WWI and II soldiers, with many listed buildings and monuments of international importance.

Visitors to the cemetery have claimed feeling a paranormal presence at the peaceful graveyard, some have spoken about a feeling of hostility, while curious guests can find out for themselves at its regular after-dark group tours.

5. Stoke Park

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Many myths and stories surround the historic site of Stoke Park Estate, with the most well-known being the tale of The Duchess of Beaufort who died after falling from her horse.

With a number of paranormal investigations taking place at the estate, sightings including a ghostly horse, as well as sounds of hooves and noises coming from the woods.

6. Oldbury Court Estate

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Previously known as Vassals Park, legend has it a Catholic monk used to hold secret masses during a time it was illegal to do so, hiding in a small priest hole to avoid prosecution.

After getting trapped in the crawl space and starving to death, Oldbury Court Estate is said to be haunted by a hooded figure, with other stories including sightings of ghostly mist and being chased by spirits.

7. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Possibly one of Bristol’s most iconic landmarks, Clifton Suspension Bridge has a tragic history with over 500 suicides said to have been committed from jumping.

Shadows around the bridge are thought to belong to those who took their lives, while some claim to have seen the ghost of the bridge’s architect, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, himself.

8. SS Great Britain

Visiting the SS Great Britain is said to be like stepping back in time, as guests can experience what the Victorian era was like. Dating back to 1843, it holds a number of tragic events, leading to rumours of the ship being haunted by many ghostly characters.

The most popular ghost is said to be of Captain Gray, a man who was rumoured to have committed suicide by leaping through his cabin window, while other ghosts include Mrs Cohen and a young sailor, while cries of babies and little children have also been heard.

9. Llandoger Trow

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This historic pub dates back to 1664, with a long tradition of serving those who worked at sea, and said to be haunted by no less than 15 ghosts.

While the gender and age is unknown, the most well-known ghost is thought to be of a person with an injured leg, with many guests saying they’ve heard boots scraping across the floorboards.

10. Ashton Court Estate

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Situated on 850 acres of parkland and boasting a beautiful mansion, a woodland, and even a dog graveyard, Ashton Court dates back to the 14th century, and is home to a host of spooky rumours.

Said to be haunted by a phantom hound, grey ladies and a headless horseman, many mysteries surround Ashton Court, with paranormal investigators and visitors claiming to have experienced unusual activity, such as ghostly apparitions and whirlwind-like noises, while workmen have claimed to have had their tools strewn around.

11. Bristol Cathedral

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With an origin dating back to 1140 as an Augustinian Abbey and boasting a long and fascinating history, Bristol Cathedral is said to be the home of a phantom monk dressed in grey.

While the origins of the monk are unknown, visitors have spotted him walking from the cathedral to the library, and walking through a wall which is now a bricked up doorway.

12. Hengrove Park

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Hengrove Park was once the site of Whitchurch Airport, from 1930 to 1957, and was used by the Air Ministry during WWII.

Now a popular play park and leisure centre, the area said to be haunted by a former Luftwaffe pilot who was killed in a plane crash. He is said to have been spotted wandering around the park trying to figure out where he is.

13. Bristol Old Vic

Former actress and theatre manager, Sarah Macready, is said to haunt the Old Vic Theatre, mourning the death of her boyfriend who hanged himself at the venue.

In 2010, architect, Andrzej Blonski, reported seeing Sarah’s ghost, saying that she smiled at him before disappearing, while another member of staff said he heard a female voice saying: ‘get out’.

The theatre is also said to be the home of two other ghosts; a scenic painter who moves props around, and a young boy who tragically died in the paint shop.

14. The Rummer

Standing on the site of a 1241 pilgrim hostelry, The Rummer pub is said to be home to a number of ghost over the years, with ‘The Woman in White’, a ghostly man, and a poltergeist all claimed to reside at the venue.

In the 1970s, an employee at the pub saw a young girl dressed in white disappear through a glass door, a cellarman has reported seeing a man in modern clothes dissolve into a mist, while the poltergeist is said to throw items around the bedrooms and smash dishes in the kitchen.

Do you have any creepy stories to share about Gloucestershire? Let us know in the comments below!

By Alice Lloyd

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Friday 30 September 2016

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